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Feb 13, 2013 7:30am EST
malpractice models that can improve patient safety and bring down liability premiums, president obama became the first chief executive in history to direct us to use our authority to provide funding for that effort. and we've got models going across the country. i'm pleased attended, and we will have a full report in the next few months, we have some very promising results from these models which are being scaled up in various parts of the country. many of which were developed, modeled and implemented by physicians. another example is accountable care organizations. when we released the first proposed aco rules, we received a lot of feedback, some of it not very positive, from the physician community. much of it was -- much of it told us that the rules came up short, if you mentioned a few specific areas. you told us we needed to reduce the reporting burden. so we did, cutting the number of quality measures by about half. you told us there have to be an option for smaller organizations that need help with startup costs. so we agreed, creating the advance payment aco model. you told us we nee
Feb 19, 2013 8:00am EST
was the last time you talked to president obama? >> well, certainly erskine was close by, and he goes up and he checks with me after they have their conversation. i think personally i talk with joe biden on the phone. i've known joe for 30 years, greg bell. we don't always agree but a good man. and i love him. but, you know, personally i suppose a year and a half or something since i've personally talked the president. erskine has that ability to do close by and then he checks with me. >> when was the last thing you talked to the president? >> right before the election. i talked to vice president biden since the election, and i talked to members of the white house team constantly, you know, whether it's been jack lew or gene sperling or -- >> it's pretty remarkable you have not talked to the president since the election. why is that? >> i don't think it's remarkable. having worked in the white house, these guys got a lot on your plate. this is one of the things on the plate but they've got plenty to do. give joe biden were president would we've had -- >> who knows? if bill clinton had been pres
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2